July 12th, 2011

On The Go Suitcases

no one expects a zombie apocalypse

Yesterday I was feeling crabby so I bought my plane tickets to Wincon and then I was HAPPY!

Are you going? If so, you should tell me so I can start planning ways to stalk...errr...MEET you!

I know this event is still on my mind because last night I dreamed that affectingly picked up about 50 of us from the airport (the whole shuttle situation is VERY STRESSFUL for me) and stuffed us all inside a van. Then, at some point she got lost and started backing up. And then, she drove in reverse for a really long time, finally backing right into a parking place at the hotel.

Also, tjournal had hot pink dominoes.
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SPN: Sam Library

help me brainstorm

Hey y’all! I know posts about other people’s work is BORING, but stick with me because I need your brainstorming help.

Our summer reading campaign has been really intense. It’s the first year this branch has been open over the summer, it’s my first year in all ways, and participation has been roughly double what we expected. So, I wanted to do something to thank the rest of the staff for working so hard to make the program happen. I talked a bit with my manager about this and she gave me permission to Do Something, which is awesome! Less awesome is the budget, which is literally zero dollars.

I was planning to bake cupcakes (I’ve been dying to try these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes) but I brought in my lemonade cupcakes yesterday and there were leftovers and…I dunno. Maybe cupcakes aren’t the way to go? I could do my crock pot spinach artichoke dip for a savory alternative.

But anyway, some kind of treat will be made and shared. And then, I will have a jar full of M&Ms in the same quantity as we had summer reading cards turned in and ask staff to guess the number. Winner gets the jar. You know how this works!

AND, we gave out book bags to everyone who turned in one reading card, but staff wasn’t eligible. Well, I *cough*found*cough* bags for them and have them hidden. I’m going to make nametags for each staff person, and put some coupons, tootsie pop suckers and stickers inside.

All of that I’ve bought myself and, frankly, I’m tapped out from a monetary perspective.

So, what I’m actually wondering, AND THE REAL POINT OF THIS POST…has an employer ever done anything really cool for you from a thank you perspective? Obviously excepting money or meals or whatever. I’m looking for creative ideas that basically are free. I’m especially interested in things that actually happened to you, that left a positive feeling in your mind.

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