July 27th, 2011

Jared Gorgeous

can't promise tomorrow but I promise tonight

Does anyone have a download of Jared's NerdHQ panel? I want to watch it again! (I know it's on YouTube and streaming and whatever, but I'm really hoping for a download...) *crosses fingers*

I was really (and sincerely) impressed with all the Big Bang authors who have emailed over the last couple days to talk about posting challenges related to LJ's wonkiness. It's a nice change from people just...disappearing, and I appreciate everyone even tangentially related to Big Bang at this moment!

Yesterday morning Patrick Stump did an interview on the radio station I listen to while getting dressed and he was AMAZING! I admit I know zero about him beyond what offtheceiling has told me in passing. But he's a really talented, funny guy, and I was impressed! I'll totally be looking for his solo album when it comes out. (When does it come out?)

missyjack posted this picture of what I guess counts as a spoiler, but really is just an adorable picture of an SPN guest star lounging in Jared's chair and the whole thing makes me smile like crazy. LOVE.

Another thing I love are these rainbow tip highlights! I sort of seriously want to get them in my hair. Alas, I think I would look RIDICULOUS. But man, would they be fun and happy-making!!

I have tomorrow off and have planned a fabulous day that starts off with me picking up ROSES! Awesome, right? And then I'm going to grocery shop and making homemade pizza and watching Justin Beiber's bio-movie and making gift bags for my co-workers and then RELAXING in freezing cold air conditioning and reading a Big Bang! It will be such a good day!

I have to get ready because July 31 Addison and Drew are coming to stay with my Mom for a week! I'm super excited! They will be here sans parents, which is even better because they always behave better with out their mom and dad around to annoy. I can't WAIT! I have all sorts of things planned.

Yesterday at the library a woman came and did this AMAZING talk about NASA and astronauts and she did this super cool experiment at the end about UV rays and the kids made these pipe cleaner astronauts with UV sensitive beads on them and we took them outside and the beads changed color and I am AWARE that this entire paragraph makes no sense to anyone that wasn't there, but TRUST ME, it was so cool and she gave me extras so I can recreate it for Addison, YAY!

And now, work. It's my long day -- 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. -- so off I go! Have a good one y'all!
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