August 16th, 2011

J2 Together LA

don't need these other pretty faces like I need you

I finally, fiiiinally made it to the grocery store yesterday. I was a full week past desperate. I've been out of dishwasher soap for almost ten days! (Side note: I'm considering making my own. I found a recipe online. Has anyone ever done this?) I believe in celebrating small victories, so FINALLY getting that done may seem insignificant, but it is major to me. WOOHOO!

Then, I made blueberry muffins and ran four (!!) loads of dishes. Have I mentioned recently that I have the world's smallest dishwasher? Le sigh. I have another going this morning and will do another after work and THEN!! I think I will be caught up again. Oh my goodness.

Also, I have FOOD again, which is pretty amazing.

Sunday was the big end-of-summer-reading event at Central and it was SO FUN. There were face painters and balloon artists and prizes and tons of food and I won a t-shirt and got to spend the whole day hanging out with my favorite work people. It was awesome.

One of the Central librarians had her baby about a week after I left for my new job. His name is Max. AWWW! I have met him before, but never got to spend six full hours with him, haha. Oh my goodness, so adorable!! Even though one of his moms works at Central, they actually live closest to my branch. So, they kept saying, "Max! This is Wendy. She's YOUR librarian." GAH!!! It just melted me.

In fandom news...rubber duckies! I am determined to find one though the set will probably be closed for Christmas by the time I do and manage to get it mailed. SIGH. I need a life assistant!! Anywhoo...rubber ducks? Where do you GET them?? Also, our boys are the best, y/y? YES!! Best ever. We are so lucky!

Time for work, so off I go. *zoooom*
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