October 20th, 2011

Jensen Peace

tell me what you want so we can do just what you like

First of all, I have talked to many of you about the greatness of John Green. If you've read him already, you agree. WELL. He's running a thing to allow a fan to re-design the cover of "An Abundance of Katherines". Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity!! The deadline is November 21 and all the details are here. It totally could be you, why not? GO FOR IT.

Now, let's discuss today. My heat isn't working. It's warm outside now, but was down in the 30's last night. The repairman came and said the blahblah was broken and he fixed it. Which...yay! Repair costs are less yay, however.

Then, I went allllll the way across town for a mandatory meeting to make insurance changes where I handed the woman a completed form, she seemed confused that I had downloaded and filled out said form already, and then she said I'd get email confirmation and then I left. WHY I couldn't hand in my form via inner-office no one is willing to say.

Then I got a flu shot. And a sub sandwich.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought stuff to make spinach-artichoke dip (for a work party tomorrow), chili (CRAVING!), and blueberry muffins. I also have done 900 loads of laundry and read countless emails. Will I ever be caught up on life again? TIME WILL TELL.

But now I must rest for a second because I am exhausted and still feeling yucky. (Don't tell the flu vaccine please, thanks.) Watching things on my DVR counts as catching up, right?!?!
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