November 8th, 2011

J2 So Much Mileage

it's you and me and we're runnin this town

Buttermilk! I need to discuss it. No, really. I made two loaves of banana bread and two dozen cupcakes on Sunday, all of which require buttermilk. (Yes, I know how to curdle regular milk with lemon juice, but since I was doing so much at one time, I just went ahead and bought the real stuff.) ANYWAY. I have half a container left still. What should I do with it??? Any cooking suggestions?

Do you remember me going on and on about something having bit my lip and it was all swollen and sore? Turns out it was actually an enormous cold sore. I AM SO LAME. But seriously, it looks like a marble is shoved inside my lip. HURTS. And it looks disgusting, which always is pleasant when you work in customer service.

My library system hired a new assistant director, which has been needed for a long time. He's someone I know from a past life, which is weirdly weird. He came out to visit our branch yesterday and I gave him a tour and such. When my manager introduced him to the assistant manager (a nice guy who never, ever leaves his office), you could see him do a visible double-take. He totally thought *I* was the assistant manager. WHOOPS! But no, as I like to joke, I actually am speaker of the house, AKA third in the chain of command.


Life continues to spiral out of control. My lists have lists. (I literally have items on my To Do list that require me to make new lists -- Christmas shopping, groceries, calendar additions...) *runs around in crazy circles*

Got to talk a bit with mandyremains last night. Also had a brief chat with radioactivclown. I miss them so much!!

Actually, in all ways, and across the board, I have great friends. Sometimes I feel so alone, and sometimes I just feel DRUNK on love for the people I know. This definitely is one of the latter times. I know such amazing, smart, creative, dedicated, kind people. I wish I could hug every one of you today!!

It's my programming day so I need to run. They're holding voting in our programming room so I have to figure out how to wrangle children into an open space inside the library, without annoying non-story time patrons. Possibly an impossible task. Our theme today is trees and leaves, just because I wanted an excuse to read The Giving Tree out loud.

OK, I don't even know what I'm typing about anymore. Remember when I used to make fun and interesting posts? Yeah.
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