November 22nd, 2011

It's Always Worth It

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How are you celebrating Thanksgiving this year? What are your traditions? I need to know these things. Also, you should make a post telling me some things you're thankful for this year in addition to filling out the poll below. Ok?

Poll #1797066 now we’re standing side by side

Pick one:

Pumpkin pie
Cherry pie
Apple pie
Pecan pie

If you could resurrect any one canceled TV show, what would it be?

When I think "holidays," I think:

Candy canes for EVERYONE!
Bah humbug.

The one thing you like best about yourself is...

Today I am thankful for:

Yesterday I made delicious banana nut muffins, which I now am eating with greek yogurt and honey. MMMMM. Also, today is our Thanksgiving luncheon at work and I cannot wait to STUFF MY FACE. And, it's story time day, always my favorite. The theme, shockingly, is Thanksgiving. After we read books, we're going to make hand print turkeys. YES.
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