December 10th, 2011

Coffee Jolly

you're like a shot of pure gold

Awesome December continued last night when tsuki_no_bara and wrenlet drove all the way over here from Dallas to have dinner with me. I saw Cindy recently-ish (though there never is enough time, ever, EVER) but I haven't seen Wren in at least a year, maybe two. So, it was really wonderful to be able to sit and focus and catch up. We recced new fic to each other too, which might be my most fave fangirl activity of all time. It was a very nice night.

Today I am subbing in at another branch for a few hours this afternoon. Not sure how I always get tapped to do this chore, but there you are. Then, tonight one of my library buddies and I are hitting Rosa's for gossip and cheap Mexican food. Should be fun!
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