December 17th, 2011

J2 It's Cold Outside

this type of life didn’t come with instructions

I fear I am going off the deep end a bit. Let us recap:

1. Thursday I had a huge fight with my mom. Still not speaking to her.
2. Yesterday I was in an all-day staff development session that was so incredibly insulting on so many levels, in so many ways...that I'm pretty sure I cannot even fill out the evaluation form because I'd be fired on the spot.
3. Wincon registration is giving me headaches and I sort of want to punch the wall.
4. I have to go to the diagnostics place on my lunch hour today so they can take blood so my doctor can decide if I need a changed prescription before Christmas because I am out and using samples. (Recap: no lunch break, poked with a needle, HURRY UP DOC, possible increased-thyroid-rage on the horizon, can't run out, AHHHH.)


In better news:

1. Seven days and four hours from now, I will be on my way to see Addison and Drew!
2. I tasted the most AMAZING peppermint fudge Thursday.
3. It was great fun to have all the staff from every library branch in our system in one place yesterday. I wish I could hang out with all the amazing people, all the time.
4. I am off tomorrow and I am going to hibernate and pout and be angry and get it ALL out of my system in one fell swoop. I also am going to make three dozen chocolate cupcakes.

LIFE! *throws up hands*
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It's Always Worth It

I am hypnotized by your destiny

So, some more stuff happened today that I would like to tell you about.

This morning a patron came up and asked me if I'd give one of our clerks something for her, but not say who it came from. I knew the patron (she's a story time mom), so I said sure. She handed me a Target gift card and said she wanted it to go to Ronnie. (I've talked about Ronnie before. To sum up, she's had a rough past but has these incredible attributes that really taught me a sincere lesson about pre-judging people.)

Anyway, I waited until the patron was checking out so she could see. I handed it to Ronnie, said it was from a patron and that they asked me not to say who it was. She was like, "Yeah, ok, neat but weird." Then she opened it and found a note saying that it was intended for Ronnie to give her kids a special Christmas -- and it was for $250. Ronnie started crying, I started was a pretty amazing moment. Just...pure kindness from a virtual stranger who Ronnie's big smile made an impression on. I LOVE THIS.

Then, I went on my lunch break to get my blood work done. Long story made short, the place closed 20 minutes before I got there. I was very upset and the woman inside came over to talk to me for a sec. She sort of sighed big and said "Come on in." And y'all? She then proceeded to usher me back and take my blood and do all my paperwork and run my tests and take complete care of me, all while the place actually was CLOSED. And she did it with a smile on her face and never once made me feel like I was inconveniencing her even though I really, really was.

When I left, she asked if I'd fill out a comment card (uhmmmm, DUH) and I'm considering sending her a Starbucks gift card next week too. If she hadn't done this for me, I would not be able to get my prescriptions updated and refilled before Christmas, which would have been a huge problem. But she didn't know that. She just did it because she was kind.

Again I say, as always...sometimes people are awful. But sometimes? They are amazing.

I also had sort of a scary experience this afternoon. Every since my LASIK, I've had trouble with flash blindness. Basically, if I see a bright light, it stays in my field of vision for awhile, even after I've looked away. (Like when you're blinded from the flash of a camera.) But more often, it happens to me when I see sunlight reflected off of cars or windows.

Anyway, after lunch I was sitting at my desk and the light in the near by window was kind of bright, so when I had some spots develop, I wasn't too concerned. I just shut my eyes and rubbed them for a bit, which occasionally helps. Well, my vision continued to get blurry, but only around the edges of my right eye. It was bizarre. It almost felt like someone had drawn a jagged lines around the side and bottom of my eye, and then coated it in vaseline. I've never, ever experienced anything like it. And THEN, I got intense shooting pains on the left side of my head. I went into the back and drank some water and rubbed my eyes and sinuses and pressure points for awhile until I could relax some. After about 30 minutes, the pain gradually left and my vision came straight back.

How weird is that?!?! The internet seems to think it was a migraine, but to be so short and disappear so suddenly...I'm unsure.

Now I am cold and feel sort of hungover-ish so I am going to take a hot shower and snuggle under my covers and sleep. Then, tomorrow I am going to bake bread, make two dozen chocolate cupcakes (I can't decide between chocolate and peppermint icing...perhaps half and half?), an egg and cheese casserole, and some smores bars that a co-worker requested. They look divine.

And I also will read fic and then watch the Burn Notice finale. Yes.
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