January 6th, 2012

Teddy Bear Glasses

practice patience

I have a question. When you leave a comment with the new LJ style, and you go to choose an icon, and it pulls up the looooong list of icons that you have to scroll through...at the bottom, there is a text box. Now, logic says that would be an icon keyword search box, but it is NOT. Any clue what that's for?? If it'd help me search my icons more easily, I'd like to know. But I think it's completely unrelated? Very confusing. ETA: It's a case sensitive search, I get it now! Thanks!

Went to the eye doctor yesterday and he said yes, that the weird vision-thing I had before Christmas definitely was an ocular migraine. He also said that sometimes they present with no pain at all (just as someone on LJ told me too!) Craziness. But he said since it's only happened once, I don't need to panic. But if it happens again, I should see a doctor for migraine meds. Works for me.

While I was on that side of the world, I went by my fave thrift shop and made some awesome finds, including: a Rae Dunn bowl, a magnetic wooden puzzle for Drew, a covered Pyrex bowl that is divided down the middle (my mom and I saw one before Christmas at an antique mall for $24. I paid $4.99 at the thrift store. Pyrex prices are HILARIOUS to me), and a pair of pants for work. Good times!

Re-read Paper Towns by John Green last weekend and still love it every bit as much as I did the first time. The whole discussion about viewing people as mirrors vs. windows is so brilliant. I love that reading about these characters discovering themselves, and each other, makes me learn about myself too. I was worried it wouldn't be as impactful the second time since I knew what was coming...but it was. Amazing.

Time for work! Later gators!
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