January 11th, 2012

Jared Dimples

can't escape this life that I'm living

  • Today one of my library mentors is retiring. She gave me a chance long before anyone else did, and she taught me more about working in a library than two years of library school did. I adore her and am sad to see her leave. But, I think why she chose NOW to retire is so cool...her sister retired six months ago. They bought a big SUV together. And now? They're going to travel across the country. No schedule, no planning, just going. I love this A LOT.

  • The above road trip story reminds me of rivers_bend. ♥

  • Have a headache.

  • Also have a Starbucks gift card and the foresight to leave early enough (in three minutes) to get a latte before work.

  • Starbucks lattes always make me think of beckaandzac. Y'all know I like Starbucks a ton, so that's a lot of thinking, haha!

  • Yesterday in story time, we made bracelets out of pipe cleaners and jingle bells. The best part was that all the staff kept asking if I'd make them one too.

  • Still making plans for the fangirl meet-up in Dallas later this month. If we haven't already talked, and you want to go, holler at me!

  • Whoops, my three minutes are up. Later y'all! Love you guys! Someone show me a pretty picture of Jared's face!
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