February 9th, 2012

PJs + Productivity

my universe will never be the same

1. Feeling sort of sad and lonely today. I suspect it's hormone-induced. But still. Sucks.

2. Did you know they give flu shots to dogs now? Max and Val got their boosters this morning. It took about 30 seconds. Made me even more glad I didn't bother to do more than take off my PJ pants and put on jeans.

3. Baked muffins.

4. Looking for some awesome fic to read like comfort food and cannot seem to connect with anything at all. SIGH.

5. Attempted to organize the cabinet where I've been stuffing all my cupcake liners, picks, and sprinkles. Realize I will need a new wing built onto the kitchen before any sort of order can ever be achieved.

6. Have been eating everything that exists. (Again, hormones I think.) Nothing satisfies. Homemade pizza will be dinner, so maybe that'll do it.

7. Watched 50/50 last week. It was sad, but very good.

8. Heeeey. How did that leftover butter cream get into my spoon?!?!

9. LA Con in 21 days.

10. Whatcha doin'?
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