March 19th, 2012

Jared Gorgeous

and all that counts is here and now

I am determined to make a personal post today, and it seems...the time is now.

Addison and Drew were here all last week and that pretty much occupied every second of my free time. We had the Grandfather story time, which was a huge success. All of the grandfathers dressed up, which I found incredibly endearing, and all the kids were very engaged and focused. Good times!

I also took the kids to an active story time at another branch. It was SO FUN. It's all literacy based, but you're in constant movement for 45 minutes. I love it!! I'm going to sub for their children's librarian in April and I'm excited to get to try it myself.

Annnnnd, Addison's fifth (!!) birthday was March 16, so we took her to a tea party. It also was awesome. She got really into the food and even posed for pictures wearing a huge pink birthday hat. After, she was exhausted and fell asleep in the car. When we got home, I put her in bed and she woke up, smiled at me with that gorgeous grin, and I couldn't resist. So, I crawled into bed with her and we laid there talking and laughing and playing for three hours. (Yes! THREE HOURS!!) It was my favorite memory of the whole visit.

Today, I am going into work late, which is nice. But the reason is because I have to work late, which always sucks but especially so today because it is pouring rain. But! The meeting I'm going to is about creating a Pinterest account for the library, which I think could be really fun. *flexes PR skills*

Speaking of, I valiantly tried but am finally admitting defeat -- I am addicted to Pintrest. SIGH. I really did not need a new internet addiction. But, I already can tell it's the sort of place that's fun to browse, and I'll pin 100 things, and then never look at any of them again. Alas. But still. FUN!

Does anyone have a PDF or epub copy of insertcode11's fic Early Arrival? I would very much like that to exist without having to create it myself. Y'all already know I'm lazy, yeah?

Last night I made chocolate chip cupcakes (at a co-worker's request) and they were shockingly labor-intensive. I had to whip egg whites and everything. The mind boggles. They better have turned out tasty.

ALSO. Please don't forget about the autograph giveaway. All you have to do is drop me a link to any SPN or CWRPS thing that you create and post between now and April 15. So far, only one person has gone for it, but I hope the rest of you will jump in soon!

Speaking of fandom...PADABABY. I bet it's today. *nods*
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