April 2nd, 2012

Jared Padahipbone

the day you left was just my beginning

There were three posts between when I went to bed last night, and now. THREE!! I refuse to give up LJ y'all. I know you're out there. Comment, post, play with meeee!

Yesterday I read a bunch of awesome fic and last night I had a dream starring me and a random guy, which -- I'm pretty sure -- was an AU of an AU I read. 0_0

Got some GREAT news last night, which is pretty much making my life today. I have the best friends.

I had some leftover heavy cream from some cupcakes I made last week, so I used it in my blueberry muffins and they turned out DIVINE. *two thumbs up*

What are you up to? I probably don't know, so tell me everything! I want to know about your life, but also anything fun you've read, seen, heard, eaten, bought, whatever! Rec me stuff in general!


P.S. Any amazing new icons?
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The Time Has Come

Originally posted by gestaltrose at The Time Has Come
March 21, 2012.

It's not every day that a major world figure speaks out forcefully in defense of equality. But earlier this month, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon did just that when he made an incredibly powerful speech at the U.N. in Geneva. But most people didn't even hear about it.

Why? After the speech, the media focused on a handful of delegates who stormed out of meeting in protest. Their story - that gay people should be denied human rights - is the one that dominated the day's news. But with your help, we're going to change that.

from All Out