April 11th, 2012

House Rules

mama knew I was a needle in a hay stack

Hello people!

Max and Val are driving me BONKERS barking at the people next door. Whenever they start this nonsense, I try to bring them in or make them stop. I know it's annoying to have That Neighbor, which unfortunately right now, is me. Blerg.

I have tomorrow off and here is my chore list: dermatologist appointment, grocery store, Dollar Tree, get eyebrows waxed, swing by Goodwill to look for a green shirt (need it for work), call my endo about blood work, do laundry, bake muffins, cook two main dish things to eat next week, deposit my tax refund, investigate getting a new iphone.

And then, somewhere around the edges of that, I need to: do some wincon stuff on LJ, start coding the BB claims post, post about the autograph give away wrapping up this week, code the autograph master list, finish the monster-long fic I've been reading all week and am deeply invested in, perhaps begin betaing a fic I have been sitting on for almost six weeks now (*FLAIL*), catch up on comment responses, and attempt to finally figure out Draw Something.


It would be nice if I could relax in there a little bit too, but it seems unlikely to happen.

Believe it or not, I'm not complaining. Just catching y'all up on my life at the moment. :)

What's up with you?
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