April 25th, 2012

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Dear LiveJournal Friends:

I need your help with and knowledge of two completely different things.

First: I want some speakers for my ipod so I can play songs during story time. Right now I'm using a jam box-type radio that plays CD but it annoys me to have to plan enough ahead to reserve and receive the CDs. If I had them on my ipod (which, I do) then I would always have them on-hand.

ANYWAY. The catch is that I need something that is cheap (under $30 for sure) but also loud enough to play over a room of kids. I had some speakers once that were cheap but not loud, so I'm concerned.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Second: I have some asparagus that I boiled and flash froze. What should I make with it? Any easy and yummy recipe suggestions?
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"Spring still makes spring in the mind when sixty years are told. Love wakes anew this throbbing heart, and we are never old."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson