June 18th, 2012

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile


Hey all!

I'm looking for TWO people to take on reccing for spn_themes. Basically it's a commitment to create about six themed rec lists a year. You're assigned specific dates ahead of time so you know exactly when to be ready and when to post.

It's a lot of fun but it does require that you, you know, read fic in the SPN and/or CW RPS fandoms.

If YOU are interested (YAY!) comment with your email and I'll send you more details. You then can decide if you're up for it or not. Comments are screened.

Sound good? Awesome!
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Hot Boys Making Out

I'm wide awake

So, I left Avengers with a large crush on Chris Hemsworth and affectingly keeps sending me awesome tumblr links (EXHIBIT A) and so I was like...OK, I'll do it, I'll make a tumblr and so I did and then? I forgot all about its existence until yesterday when someone friended (???) it. Whoops?

I think mostly I would like tumblr to be on my LJ. And to not be full of uncut pics and gifs that will end in my firing from work. SIGH.

Had an excellent Father's Day yesterday. Addison mostly was interested in Chica (the new puppy), so I got to spend some good time with Drew. Fun because we usually simply aren't able to focus on each other.

Also, my brother got me addicted to a stupid (STUPID!) slots game on the iphone. It's so lame. Also, I am up $9,000! (Note: not real money.)

In conclusion: porn meme *hands*
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