October 2nd, 2012

SPN: Sam Loves Lists

I have four To Do lists

Soooo. In retrospect, I'm embarrassed for word vomiting my life frustration all over LJ yesterday. Whoops? In related news, after venting and eight hours of sleep, I feel better. Still overwhelmed and crazy, but better. I am only physically capable of doing so much. That's that. All will be well.

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J2 Together LA

date night!

I pulled this article right after DallasCon, but haven't managed to post it until now. I find it very amusing. ♥

Dallas Morning News, The (TX)-September 26, 2012

Dallas-born actor Jensen Ackles, star of the TV series Supernatural, was back home using the perfect alias. He and his TV co-star, Jared Padalecki, made a reservation at Al Biernat's steakhouse under the name Ackles.

But the partners in Dallas' Ackels & Ackels - spelled differently - law firm are Biernat's regulars. "When they came in, I expected to see the attorneys," says Biernat's manager Brad Fuller. "So when Jensen Ackles walked in, it was quite a surprise."
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