October 13th, 2012

Rainbow Umbrella

I will do what I please, anything that I want

I realized yesterday that I never did get new jeans so now, for Wincon, I have the pair that's too big and the pair that's too small. Whoops? I also never managed to get a haircut, so please don't judge my roots.

And, I really must pack at some point.

Are any of you watching The New Normal? It's really not that great. (I saw a reviewer say that it's like what Modern Family would be if Mitch and Cam were the only characters.) There is one character who is extremely offensive, and that's her role. I don't just mean she offends ME, I mean, her character says every bad thing you've ever been told not to say, read about, whatever. And, at first, I thought maybe she was there to challenge people. I do think there's value in that. But as time goes on, she's just starting to make me feel uncomfortable and awful when I watch. NOT GOOD. So anyway, I was just curious if anyone else has seen it.

Speaking of TV...are there any good new shows this season? I'm taping everything but have managed to watch nothing, so...tell me what you like!

I started taking flaxseed oil a few weeks ago. I can't do fish oil, and read that this was a better way to get those healthy Omega-3s anyway. But I'm not noticing any changes. The pill is huge so every day I'm like...do I really have to keep doing this??

ALSO. Does anyone have a stellar around the eye cream that they love and can't live without? I am NOT a vain person, but I fear the wrinkles around my eyes may some day take over. I have a lot of skin pull in that area already from wearing contacts for so many years too. Any suggestions? Don't force me to pay the dermatologist just to ask this one question! :)

Cannot stop listening to Pink on my ipod. She just has so many empowerment songs and I need that confidence boost right now. I love it!! I'd give you a mix but didn't the world stop uploading stuff this summer? I'm so confused by the internet now days.
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