November 1st, 2012

Heart for You!

you can choose to let it go

Oh you guys. I had such a wonderful birthday! Everyone at work was in a great mood, little kids gave me cards they made by hand, my BFF sent me flowers (I cried), and I got to have dinner with my mom, dad and Becca. Oh also, my brother called and had Addison and Drew sing happy birthday to me. They both knew all the words and were like, full out blaring it at me, not just being shy about it as in the past. IT WAS AMAZING.

I seriously could not have asked for a better day.

On Halloween, I spent all day passing out candy to kids and delighted adults at the library. I also cleaned out my desk, which was difficult. I am very glad my three huge boxes of stuff will arrive at new!job before I will so people (i.e. my office mate) can absorb that shock before I get there. Haha.

I got home and my parents were here. My mom fed us homemade chili, which was delicious. And then, we had 113 trick or treaters. 113!!! INCREDIBLE! Including several infants, all in costume too. All the costumes were complex and original and amazing. My favorite was the little girl in a full length princess dress and tiara. When I commented on how pretty she looked, she bared her vampire fangs at me. LOVED IT!!

This morning I ran errands but now am feeling routinely exhausted. I'm going to finish up the last several chapters in the book I'm reading ("Where Things Come Back"), go through some legal documents I need to sign and return, and then I am going to park myself in front of the TV. Done and done.

Tomorrow is my last day at old!job. There are five of us leaving. So the manager declared it Aloha Friday and said we can wear jeans and Hawaiian shirts. Exciting! we're also having a special lunch. I'm so pleased to have things to look forward to since I am afraid it's going to be a tough day full of saying good bye to friends I'll probably never see again.

Hope you all have had an awesome few days! DID YOU SEE JARED SHOWING OFF THOMAS IN COSTUME? I could just die. ♥
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