December 11th, 2012

Coffee Jolly

if you get lost, you can always be found

Can you stand another list from me? You guys seem to respond better to them, I don't know. Maybe it's easier to follow my rambles that way? ANYWHOO.

  • About two weeks ago, I threw my back out unloading the dishwasher. True fact. I'm so old. And, my back still is crampy.

  • CHRISTMAS CRACK. You must make some.

  • It just dawned on me today that I will get to see Addison and Drew soon!! Oh please, please let them still be at a snugglable age. I NEED baby cuddles to live, ok?

  • I have to work so, sooooo late tonight. I don't wanna. And I'm working one-on-one with a newbie, so I have to be a good, positive example on top of that. (Aren't you glad I'm not your mentor? It involves a lot of getting in trouble, I admit.)

  • I possibly am ready to entertain some Scott/Stiles or Scott/Derek or someone hot/Jackson recs. I know like, only five stories fitting those criteria exist in the entire world, but if you have some, GIMME! *grabby hands*

  • Still need to pay for my Hurricane Sandy auction wins. And, I will. But I am so DUMB not to have paid better attention to the timing. I really do not have that much extra disposable cash right in the middle of the holiday season. BLERGH. Personal lack of planning is the WORST.

  • It is cold outside and I do not like it.

  • All finished with Christmas shopping. Now, I just need to wrap. I dislike wrapping. Some day I will fully embrace it and become that stodgy, weird relative who just gives you your gift crammed inside a used grocery sack. MARK MY WORDS.

  • Am having some trouble getting into the Christmas spirit. I looked back at some old holiday LJ entries from years past and I used to do all sorts of fun holiday activities! I am doing absolutely none of that this year, so suspect that's the issue. On the other hand, I mostly just want to hide in my own head at the moment, so...balance.

  • I did have birthday lunch (her birthday, obviously) with one of my oldest friends Sunday. We had Italian food and Starbucks. It was greatness.

  • Yesterday I dropped my keys in the driveway and my mini-Impala broke off. I'm just crushed.

  • Reading Feedback by Robison Wells. It's excellent. I love when the second book in a series actually is GOOD instead of a complete waste of time. (Ally Condie, I'm looking at YOU.)

  • Can I get away with wearing a hot pink coat? I need to know ASAP. Serious question. Hot pink. For real.
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