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Sunday Recs

I only have just a few quick recs for you, mostly of a re-cappy nature.

I posted two spn_themes lists last week. The first was about J2 baking and the second was focused on J2 taking baths. There's some awesome fic for both, so please take a look!

And THEN! chemm80 made rhythmsextion's QB verse into a PODFIC. Holy cannoli. I've been wanting to re-read this verse forever, and now I can listen to it in the car too. It's almost like it's my birthday or something. Amazing.

AND ALSO. I'm still re-listening to podfic, and here are two more awesome ones I finished last week:

  • Creeping Around in My Head by lazy_daze and read by juice817.

  • Man's Best Friend by belyste and read by juice817.

    Good times. Enjoy!
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