January 28th, 2013

Coffee Large Please

and I don't have Starbucks today either

So I've been telling myself that as soon as I got a day off, I'd make a nice long post. But now that day is here and I feel all weird and like I have nothing to say. Does this happen to other people too?

What would you like to discuss? Let's chat!

Some things on my mind:

deirdre_c thinks I should start a new round of salt_burn_porn. I want to, but haven't because it'll overlap with the May 1 spn_j2_bigbang deadline. What do you think? And, if you say "no problem" and then pass 42 times, I'll cry. So consider that in your answer! (ETA: Meh, I'm gonna go for it!)

I was going to make homemade chili today but just realized I forgot to get an onion. BLERGH. I may soldier on anyway. How big of a mistake will this be?

Hey Teen Wolf fandom...kerryblaze and I would like to know where the Scott/Derek fic is. It has to exist somewhere, the dynamics in that pairing have DELICIOUS potential.

I have a work situation that's weighing heavily on my mind. I have this one co-worker who just cannot remember his commitments. On the one hand, I am not his keeper. And, he gets annoyed when I constantly remind him about things. On the other hand, we work as a team so when he misses things it reflects on me, and that is not ok. I cannot win either way here and it's extremely frustrating.

I was reading the February issue of Girls' Life magazine (part of my job, for real), and am absolutely INCENSED about one of the articles. It's called "The reasons you're still single." And yes, I do think that's a relevant article for teens. BUT! Reason number one is "your standards are too high" and reason number two is "he's not good enough for your friends". So, you know, lower your standards, and date a guy your friends hate! Problem solved! It seriously makes me want to punch someone in the FACE.

Also on tap today, I am going to attempt to make cookies without a recipe. Right?? I just want to throw in all the leftover bits in my pantry and clean it out. This either will be a delightful success or a horrible failure. Either way, the dough will be delicious.
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