February 3rd, 2013

SPN: Sam Reads LJ

Sunday Recs: J2, SPN, Teen Wolf


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Second, recs! I have a lot of varied stuff today, organization may be an issue, but let's try!

  • Gratuitous Jared Padalecki Icon Spam by tebtosca

  • Obliviously Lost/Accidentally Found by raeschae -- (Jared/Jensen,NC-17, 35,500 words) -- Jared is a people finder, passionate about reuniting broken and separated families, but he's about to uncover one family secret that may be better left buried and forgotten. (NOTE: I love that both boys have different characterizations than usual but it still works. And, it is a stellar story.)

  • Awesome interview with Jared's stunt double Mike Carpenter. Found via @superwiki.

  • galwithglasses did two BRILLIANT picspams/character studies: D is For Dean amd S is for Sam.

  • 143 Alice Grim Lane by runedgirl -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 51,700 words) -- Sam Winchester changed his name before he got to Stanford. Now Samuel Francis Wesson is a rising star at a California law firm. He and Jess have a neon blue hybrid with a bike rack on top, and a cozy red stucco house with built-in bookshelves and hanging baskets of bougainvillea on the front porch. Sam Wesson has everything he ever wanted, except for the one thing he knew he shouldn’t. Dean is still a Winchester, still a hunter, still in love with Sam and determined not to admit it. Years of avoiding each other and their true feelings have left Sam and Dean strangers. But when Sam’s luck changes and tragedy finds him, he turns in desperation to the older brother he walked away from years ago, hoping that the bond forged between them in childhood will prove strong enough to bring them back together. (NOTE: To be blunt, I haven't read SPN fic in a looong time. This fic is SO GOOD it has me craving all things Sam-and-Dean all over again. It's just...perfect.)

  • Winchesters' Thrift Shop by deirdre_c -- VID -- One man's trash, that's another man's come up.

  • twrarepairs -- MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE.

  • Icons: Scott McCall & Stiles Stilinski by keyweegirlie and also, more here!