February 9th, 2013

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

good times were had by all

As you may recall (hopefully not, I want you to have blocked it out, since I cannot), I have to attend a brutal five hour training once a month for four months. It was yesterday. And still brutal. And I possibly got yelled at for having a bad attitude. And also was not able to rein in my sarcastic remarks, like, EVER. Whoops.

But the silver lining is that I will be in Las Vegas during next month's training, SO! That's exciting.

On Thursday night, I got to have dinner with author Candace Fleming, who was DELIGHTFUL, and so fun and personable and it was a BLAST. I mentioned Neal Shusterman in conversation, and she did a literal flail. It turns out they live near each other and are personal friends and AHHHH. It was a very fangirl moment for me. And she was all, "Come to Chicago! I'll introduce you!" And then she invited myself and the co-worker also at dinner to attend the official Random House party during TLA and I WANT TO GO. SO EXCITING.

A member of the library's Foundation group also was there and she was super fun and kept asking all these interesting, thought-provoking questions that started great conversations (even if Candace did try to stab Phoebe with a fork at one point). She also just Kept. Ordering. Food. and it was an incredible meal and YES. Good times were had!

I'm probably going to buy this house I've been renting (my brother owns it), and so I had it inspected last week. It's in great shape but there are a few very minor things that need to be done. I had hoped to hire a handyman to come out, but I literally cannot find one who will do small jobs. (I do not, for instance, need a contractor or an estimate.) Any suggestions??? ETA: FOUND SOMEONE!

My parents are getting ready for their three weeks long trip to Egypt! Isn't that exciting?? They return the day after I leave for Las Vegas, so we're going to get together next weekend for lunch and goodbyes. I pre-miss them already!
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