March 11th, 2013

J2 Hands

Vegas Con, Post Number One!

I am hoooooome! Vegas was amazing, Jared and Jensen were amazing, fangirls always are amazing, basically everything was amazing, and everyone, all the time. I loved having a band on the stage, Richard did a stellar job as MC. Everything was awesome.

I'm sure by now you've found the vids and pics and such. I live!tweeted everything via @wendy_d on twitter.

All of my interactions with Jared and Jensen specifically were very quick. For autographs, I used a picture from the Harlem Shake video. To both, I handed it over and said, "Explain yourself." Each answered, "There's nothing to explain. Do you want to know where I am?" and then they marked themselves in the pic. (Adorable that they thought I didn't KNOW already though, yeah? Silly boys.) Jared also said he was excited I brought that picture, and he called me a good girl. *puuurrr*

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For pictures, I was distracted by something that happened right before my photo with Jensen. So, I just sort of stepped up, saw him, blanked out, and forgot to pose. Whoops? He felt thinner than normal, but was in a great mood and seemed to be having fun.

For my Jared opp, I walked up and held out my arms to ask if I could do a two-handed hug, but before I said anything, he started giving me this weird look. I was like...WHAT!! He laughed and said he thought I was going to ask for something crazy and he already didn't understand how it was gonna go. I just shook my head (he makes me mute), and he pulled me super close. We took the pic and then I squeezed his bicep and said thanks. It was literally rock hard, like a granite counter top. GUH.

For our duo opp, which annkiri and I always do together, she had one alone with both boys first. So then when I stepped up, Jared started to pull her to the side to make room. But Becca (and, thank you Becca) said, "Oh no. She wants to stand by YOU." Jared was all, "Good taste! Yes!" And I was all...*blinkblink* Where am I??? So Jared grabbed me up and the picture is super cute because Becca and Jensen are posed like normal people, and I literally am smashed against Jared with a flaily leg and arm on the side facing the camera.

For real, that happened.

Also, I got to briefly speak with Kurt Fuller and thank him for being there and he was gracious and amazing.

I'm tired and about to check my work email *whimper* so that's all for now. I will post my photo opps later, and I'm sure more stories will come to me.

This truly was one of the best cons I've ever been to. It was just incredible. During last night's Louden Swain concert, Rob Benedict said something along the lines of how everyone would go home and post about this experience and look at pictures, but no one else will ever understand what we had together. And that is the honest truth.

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