March 22nd, 2013

Jared Dimples

I got a billion stars for my witness

Addison turned SIX this week...can you believe it?? This is amazing to me. For her birthday, I bought her a week at the summer camp my brother and I both spent our entire lives at. I'm really excited to get to introduce a whole new generation to our camp!

I have become massively re-addicted to my ipod all of a sudden. I enjoyed Louden Swain so much in Vegas, that I've just been mainlining their music all day at work. Super fun. And, it's all Indigo Girls in the car, which I find so relaxing. I'm loving it!

Did you see that we announced the prom theme for wincon? That link also will show you the amaaaaazing Vegas art cathybites made. Check it out!

Last night I got to have dinner with Donna Gephart, author of "Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen" and "How to Survive Middle School", among others. She was so lovely. We also ate at a fancy restaurant, and someone else paid...always a plus! I had delicious cheese ravioli that was coated in panko and then pan-fried. AMAZING.

Have y'all seen today's RIPT shirt? I kinda love it a lot:
 photo super-fiction-detail_17501_cached_thumb_-928107ac47da4bc345a3edd84ac43cf3_zpsa556a162.jpg

My brother shared this hilarious comic, which is total me and Max!
 photo IMG_6778_zps17b5fa0e.jpg

My brother's family recently visited San Diego, look what I got in the mail!
 photo addisonpostcard_zps0c381d30.jpg

I told Andy it made my heart grow three sizes and he said, "Like the Grinch?!!?!" Yes, dear. LOL

Also, check out this gorgeous pic of Jared that I downloaded from somewhere or another and has been lounging on my desktop for staring purposes:
 photo 123BFRrZo2CUAAhZWU_zps109b8161.jpg

THERE SHOULD BE ICONS. ETA: I'm blind, the pic totally has growyourwings's watermark on it, DUH!

AND! Speaking of Jared's beauty, check out this picture retrospective someone did in honor of Thomas's first birthday.

I've been busy all morning, but now I'm ready to relax a bit. I need to pick up the house, bake banana chocolate chip muffins for co-workers, and watch the three episodes of The Following that I'm behind on...that is the sum of my plans for the rest of the day! BLISS.
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