April 1st, 2013

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the girl's known trouble, the wind's to blame

I've been in a really bad headspace lately, but just not willing to complain about it because I didn't know what to DO about it. But now, thanks to four days off (IN A ROW!!) I've been able to take some steps. So, that's a positive. It's amazing what a difference a few nights of really good sleep can have on your outlook.

I took Max and Val to the vet Friday. Both for reasons more complicated than I'm willing to type out. Max got put on four different pills (!!) but he's started sleeping through the night again, which also has helped my mental state a great deal.

Yesterday I had a wonderful, easy day with my parents. We ate tons of delicious food, my mom made from scratch cinnamon rolls on a spur-of-the-moment-whim, I got to text Jeopardy questions to cherie_morte, we looked at thousands of pictures from their Egypt trip, we did a brief run through Trader Joe's, and then I came home and collapsed.

Today I'm going to have lunch with a co-worker I adore (it also is her day off), so that should be fun. Work is really, really wearing on me so it's nice to have fun outside of that building -- the people I work with are so cool and smart and fun. It's just the job that makes me want to curl into a tiny ball under my desk and never emerge. BUT I DIGRESS.

Did you guys see the Psych tribute to Clue? SO GOOD! My BFF and I went to see the movie back in 1985 when it first came out. This was before the age of renting movies, so we actually saw it three times so we could see all three endings. We loved it. In college, we used to watch it and eat macaroni and cheese. It was a THING. We quite literally can recite every word. Anyway, we were texting each other back and forth while watching Psych, which only made it even more fun. I love all the tributes they built into the script (singing telegram, flames...burning, the chandelier falling, one plus one plus two plus one, etc.) Super fun!

OH! I also got to Facetime a bit yesterday with Addison and Drew and my brother. Ugh, so fun. They got to tell me all about their Easter eggs. Drew was pretty much covered in chocolate, and Addison had gotten some temporary tattoos that she was entranced by. We picked out a big sparkly butterfly together and then Andy put it on for her later. I miss those kids so stinking much.
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