April 29th, 2013

Excited About Everything

y'all call it a moment, I call it life

OK, SO! I survived the 432 days of work in a row and now I have two glorious days off! WHOOOO. I slept in this morning, pulled on a bra and jeans (along with the t-shirt I slept in), and managed to be upright when the AC guy got here. I asked for an inspection as part of buying the house and -- long story short -- today is when we could make it happen. The compressor something-something had to be replaced, which sucks. But, on the other hand, it's Texas and AC is not optional, SO. Done and done. *dusts off hands*

If I ever manage to put on actual clothes and wash my face, Max and I are going over to my parent's house to have lunch. It will be an adventure for all of us, I expect. But I'm excited to get to take Max with me and not leave him alone again for the whole day.

I am making an effort to spoil myself today. I will have Starbucks, and chocolate, and maybe ice cream. I will be fed lunch someone else cooks. When I get home, I will watch a DVD. I may go to bed very early, or stay up very late -- still TBD. I will listen to loud music in the car, and probably take a nap at some point, snuggled up with my puppy dog. It will be amazing. ♥

In conclusion: Jared Padalecki's dimples. (Sometimes I just like to remind you.)
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