May 5th, 2013

SPN: Sam is Stunning (I know right?)

bonny and blithe and good and gay

  • Big Bang claims are DONE! It took about 28 hours to claim 140 prompts, which is ridiculously quick. Love our fandom so much!

  • Got to very briefly see annkiri and her sister. Always delightful. Also, I had pancakes.

  • IRON MAN. OMG. Loooove. Want to see it again! (Though there are things I do not understand. For example, why Christmas???)

  • Wandered into Ulta and bought (from memory) some of the make-up you guys recommended. Now, we'll see if I actually get the nerve up to try it.

  • Now, I have delicious Which Wich, Big Bang Theory reruns on my DVR, and pajama pants with my name on them. (Not literally, but that would be SO COOL.)

  • You should write some things for this:

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