May 6th, 2013

I'd Verb His Noun

pretty boys

So, I've decided to clean off my desktop today, which means I will be spamming you with various things. I know, you're excited.

Here are the fandom pictures I had just laying about. (I snagged all of these via LJ or twitter, but didn't record where they came from. No offense meant for not giving credit.)

SO ADORABLE, come on! I love the pure joy on Jared's face whenever he's with Thomas. Also, WOAH. So high!!
 photo 198880_600_zps7e4b7221.jpg

Tyler Posey's back. *makes whining noises* He is just so gorgeous.
 photo poseyTW_zps6fddfd4d.jpg

Beautiful, beautiful Sam.
 photo Supernatural_510x317_zps43678257.jpg

Every single thing about him in this picture makes me at a loss for words. HUMINA.
 photo tumblr_mdymi8ite91qhlfm8o1_500_zps062652ad.jpg
SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

and now, my desktop is clean!

LAST ONE. Now you really are excited, haha!

My parents did this. I cried. Aren't they just the absolute BEST?
 photo photoValHS_zpsee7b76ea.jpg

I lovelovelove Rebecca Stead. (If you haven't read When You Reach Me, you MUST!) She was at TLA, but I couldn't get to her during her autograph time. So, a co-worker generously got this for me. SQUEE!
 photo photoRS_zps589db3ee.jpg

This is a picture my Dad took of a market in Cairo. Aren't those colors just incredible??
 photo A_1401_MarketinOldCairo_zpsf0e6ab5a.jpg