May 19th, 2013


you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise

I have been trying all week to make an entry and it just Was. Not. Happening! So, I'm determined today, even though I have to leave in nine minutes.

First! I am super bummed about SPN moving to Tuesday nights. Starting September 1, I'll be working the late shift every Tuesday night, which sucks all on it's own, but also now will ruin my SPN watching. My inner fangirl is unamused!

Second! Not only have I not posted this week, I've also have been pants about commenting. I read, but don't comment. This is unacceptable, and I vow to do better next week. Commenting is our goal, ok y'all?

Third! Max is doing so good right now. *knocks on wood* He's sleeping pretty good -- Xanax has been his miracle drug. He has energy, we take short walks every night, and his eating is picking up some (though still slow.) All positive things.

Fourth! I found a couch I like for my downstairs living room! Mom thinks I need to look at least one or two more places before buying, and I'm ok with that. But excited that I found a strong possibility.

Fifth! Working on Sunday never gets any less... "But it's Sunday!" so I asked all my co-workers to go get breakfast with me before work today. If I have to get dressed, there might as well be pancakes, right? This is a hard group to make bond, so I'm not sure what will happen, but I know there will be at least three of us there, so that will be fun. Also? Pancakes!
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