June 8th, 2013

Baby Yawn


So I've been away from LJ for a few days and I'm sure you all already have discussed this ad nauseam ...BUT! Jensen's baby was born May 30! Danneel's tweet sounded like everyone was happy and healthy.

They named her Justice Jay Ackles, and are apparently calling her J.J.


I know Jensen goes by "J" in real life, so the middle name is pretty cute. And I saw Danneel's comment about wanting the baby's name to sound like a superhero, so ok. It's not my fave name, but it's also not my baby. :)

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY. Let's dwell for a moment in the fact that Jensen legitimately named his daughter J2. O_O

*two thumbs up*

And now, little J.J. and little Thomas must grow up and produce more pretty babies together. (Too soon to ship it?)