June 18th, 2013

Hold Onto Me

I miss you

It's raining, and I can hear the dog behind me, snoring softly. This makes me happy.

I'm thinking about starting a new round of salt_burn_porn. It'd have to be in July. Maybe? I know it's BB time, so this could be a huge mistake (for you and for me) but I miss porn it. Thoughts? Yay or nay?

I also neglected to mention that I had a lovely Father's Day dinner with my family on Sunday. I cleverly steered them to the brand new Houlihan's that I previously scoped out but had not yet visited. It was DELICIOUS. The last time I ate at a Houlihan's was in Chicago, and rivers_bend and I had an amazing conversation, and it is one of my most favorite fangirl memories ever.

ALSO. Our waitress looked strongly like celtic_cookie and every time she'd smile at us or joke with my Dad, I'd pine a little more.

I need fangirls! Can it be wincon-time NOW??
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