June 22nd, 2013

Life is About Creating Yourself

you're an animal, it's in your nature

Guys, I have to confess that I've been reading LJ, but not commenting. And then I'd feel guilt about not commenting. And then I'd feel like I couldn't comment at all. It's a ridiculous cycle and I'm calling an end to it now. BAM.

This morning I attempted to put on mascara, which I have not worn since high school. I poked myself in the eye, which did not feel good. But otherwise, I think it looks ok. I also, possibly, have mastered blush. Old dogs can learn new tricks!

Y'all. I am obsessed with Steven Amell's facebook. All hiatus, he's been posting videos of himself working out, which is basically just Wendy-porn. I mean, good gravy. He is so pretty and there are so many muscles, and he is so strong. AND. He's been learning parkour and posting some vids of that too, and...just. *swoon*

Also, (and I learned this from Entertainment Weekly, NOT his facebook page, lol), they just announced that his wife is pregnant. So, I have these strong visions of him doing these insane, incredible workouts and then going home to impregnate his wife, and OMG HOW IS HE SUCH A MAAAAN. There's testosterone leaking through my computer, I'm pretty sure

I also wanted to tell you guys about this book I finished recently: The Culling by Steven Dos Santos. It's very similar in plot to the Hunger Games, but the main love triangle is all guys. AND! Gender is never used as a plot point. There's no...we have to keep it secret, what will people think, how could you...none of it. The fact that it's three guys is a complete non-issue. It's just handled so well and...yes. I enjoyed the story. Check it out!

Now, off to work I go. *zooms*
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