July 3rd, 2013

Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

I'm waking up, I feel it in my bones

Yesterday was not a good day. First, my boss yelled at me about schedule issues until I had to go in my office and cry. (Note: I DON'T MAKE MY SCHEDULE, SHE DOES.) For awhile I thought I might not be able to take Addison to camp next week, but we worked it out. (Worth also noting that we worked it out because the co-worker I don't get along with agreed to cover. Maybe there's hope yet?)

A different co-worker and I write a monthly book review column for the local newspaper. We alternate months, and she reviews picture books and I do teen books. For my June column, I predictably did all LGBT books. Last week my contact emailed apologizing that the column hadn't run yet as she'd been out of town. Then yesterday, she emails and says, "The June review won't be published. There were concerns that some readers would find the subject matter objectionable."

Y'all. It's book reviews. WTF? Seriously. I'm so bitterly disappointed and angry at the world in general.

But, good stuff did happen, and I have to mention that too. I got to go out to one of our project libraries and do some things with the kids. It happens to be one of my very favorite places to do programming, so that was fun.

Also, a co-worker and I realized we're the librarians in charge Friday and Saturday (our boss will be on vacation), so we are instituting Project Morale and are going to work really hard to have fun and force people to bond over those two days. IT SHALL HAPPEN.

Tomorrow I'm going to have Fourth of July lunch with my parents and try to sucker them into seeing Despicable Me 2 with me. GOOD TIMES!
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