July 7th, 2013

J2 Hearts

Sunday Recs: Three J2 + Sammy + Misc.

Happy Sunday! Here are some recs!

  • Better Than Chemistry by alezig -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 5,000 words) -- Jensen's favorite way to spend his day is sprawled out on his patio, working to perfect his tan. That changes when his meddling father sends Jared into his life and the two of them soon realizes what it means to be alpha and omega.

  • Foot On the Train by rockstarpeach -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17) -- lazy day at home gets a little more interesting when Jared challenges Jensen to a game. It doesn’t take Jensen long before he realizes agreeing to it maybe wasn’t the best idea ever. (AKA: Strip Go Fish!)

  • Stick in the Mud by morrezela -- (Jared/Jensen, PG, 2,498 words) -- Jensen strives to be the best 'butler' possible. He achieves that goal on a regular basis, so of course his boss decides to make things difficult.

  • There is now a Superwiki page that lists every time Dean says "Sammy". HAPPY PLACE.

  • Cheer Up Already: lesson_in_love made this faaaabulous list of amazing things and I just love it. It's still bringing me happiness.

  • Calm Down: Anxiety's deaf ear to logic by laurendestefano -- Awesome essay by an awesome author about dealing with anxiety.

  • 50 Tattoos Inspired By Books