July 12th, 2013

Happy Face! Put One On!

You want this money? Come take it from me.

Work: Continues to be miserable. This mostly is due to our boss who is unreasonable and changes her mind by the minute. Though I seem to take the brunt of her disgust, it's not just me. Several of my co-workers also are miserable and want to confront her. I feel there's no scenario where that goes well for us. In any case, it just sucks and I'm so tired of being unhappy and crushed on a daily basis.

Family: I am off today because we are going this evening to pick up Addison from camp! I am so excited!! It also is my Dad's birthday and Mom already texted pictures of the chocolate sheet cake she made. Can't wait for that either!!

TV: I have three (!!) episodes of Teen Wolf DVRed to watch. That's on my agenda for tomorrow. Are any of you watching Siberia? HOLY MOLY. I'm really into it. Don't want to say too much and spoil it, just in case. But if you ARE watching...come talk to me about it!

Misc: I'm off now to run ten million errands, sneak in a little bonus playtime with Drew, and then we're off to get Addison. GOOD TIMES.
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