July 19th, 2013

Jared Hand on Heart Austin

I require birthday cake

Today is Jared's birthday, he's 31! I love how happy he's seemed the last few years, it makes me happy, by proxy.

In celebration, I think y'all should spam this post with everything Jared. Pics, quotes, fic (both comment and rec), your fave icon, songs that make you think of him, requests for prompts, ANYTHING. Go for it!

Happy birthday Jared! *throws confetti*

Poll #1924880 it's a party!

What song will Jared drunkenly karaoke at his birthday party?

What song will Jensen drunkenly karaoke to Jared at Jared's birthday party?

What is Jensen's birthday present to Jared this year?

List everything made of sugar that Jared will eat today.

Describe the birthday boy in one word.

Tell me one thing YOU love about Jared.

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