September 23rd, 2013

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Dallas Con 2013: I got some autographs

So, I am home from DallasCon and while I'm glad to be back, I'm not ready to let go of my amazing con experience yet. I'm going to try to type some of it up, even though I'm feeling rather brain dead. Some now, and more later is what I guess I'm saying.

All of the guests were amazing. The con was a total blast, and we all mentioned many times how much fun we were having and what a wonderful experience this particular event was. This also was the first time in a long time that I met a zillion new and awesome people. Everyone around us in lines immediately became our buddies and I LOVE that! I AM KEEPING YOU ALL, OK?

All of my con tweets and pictures are on twitter: @wendy_d

During my autograph with Oscric, I asked him if he was going to dress up for Halloween. He said he didn't usually, but he totally should, right? He asked if I was dressing up and I said yes and told him my idea. He asked if I had to work on Halloween and I said yes. He started talking about how fun that must be to see everyone dressed up and excited. I responded with something bitter about how I'd prefer to be with my family. And, while he laughed, I later thought that he was right and I should have an attitude change.

Rob had mentioned onstage that Louden Swain was going to, at some point, play shows in Dallas and Austin. So, I mentioned that to him and said I was excited and really wanted it to happen. He said sometime in the next two years, it definitely would. WOOT!

Rick Worthy was wearing a sleeveless shirt and I noticed for the first time that he had a large "RICKY" tattoo on one arm. I asked him if that was a reference to himself or to someone else. He sort of looked chagrined and said it was his own name. He said he was in a basketball movie and, at the time, it was trendy for basketball players to have name tats on their biceps, so he wanted to do it too. He was like...I know it's dumb, but it was cool at the time! He clearly was regretful but knew it made a hilarious story. P.S. Only the RI ever made it onscreen. LOL

I can't right this second remember my other auto stories (except for the one I'm about to tell you.) If more surfaces in my brain, I'll update that for you later.


Jensen was in a rush to catch a plane, so he was signing fast. I just smiled at him and soaked up his Jensen-ness while he signed. Told him thanks for being here and he said "My pleasure."

Jared was super chatty. Usually I just freeze up totally (more on this later -- just you wait), so please understand how amazing this whole thing was for me.

He was talking to @fangasm, who was in front of me in line. They had a nice chat while I just gazed at Jared's dimples and tried to nod along in the right place and not look like a mental patient. Then, he turned to me and this happened:

Me: Have you gotten to do anything fun while you've been home, or was this trip just all work?
Jared: Oh, it's been fun. I played some basketball with Tom...
Me: Oh, (*attempt at joke*) does he dunk yet?
Jared: (being silly) Oh yeah! He can 360 and everything! WAIT!!! IS THIS THE SEASON EIGHT DVD COVER?
Me: ...yes?

He went on to say that it was the first one he'd signed and that he hadn't even seen it yet. He asked if he could add a #1 to his signature. (No Jared, don't be special just for me! lol)
 photo 1JP_zps02887b1f.jpg

He asked if I minded if he looked at it (HA!) and he really did look over every word and picture. I asked him what the heck was going on with the photoshopping in the cover pic, and specifically pointed out that his entire head was smaller than Jensen's arm.

Jared: That's because he fucking CRIES! Oh, Jared is so big! And so manly! And I just have these long eyelashes! You have to pump me up!

I am dying laughing and Jared says something else about Jensen just being a fucking bitch about being smaller and it was all very lighthearted and HILARIOUS.

Then, Jared went on to tell a story about how on the season six DVD cover, there's a picture of Sam choking himself. In reality, it was Jared with his stunt double, in a wig. During the show, when there's movement and sound to distract, it worked fine. But in the still picture, it is hilariously wrong. He went on to specifically point out that the jaw on the second Sam is just completely wrong and that it clearly is two different people.

And, it's TRUE!

 photo s6sam_zps366d075f.jpg

By this point, I mostly had lost the power to form thoughts and was just grinning manically and thinking "JARED! PLEASE BE MY FRIEND FOREVER!" over and over inside my head. He grinned big at me and says "Anyway!" I thanked him for being there, managed to turn my back to him, leapt at @fangasm and annkiri and promptly freaked the heck out. They decided it would be best to re-live this experience out of Jared's eye line and kindly removed me from the area.

Y'all. It was one of my best fan experiences ever. I keep waiting for the day when these boys don't give me that excited, swoopy feeling in my belly, but it has not happened yet! Ugh, it was just THE BEST.

Also, if you want a good laugh, stay tuned for my upcoming photo opp stories because...OMG. *flails around* They're funny stories, not like, fantastic photos or anything. But y'all. Best memories. annkiri and I laid on the bed last night looking at the pics and literally laughed until we were sick. It was amazing. It still is amazing.


P.S. Because I feel like I can't talk about hilarious things at this con without acknowledging this too...Here's Jensen with the pig. RIGHT????

 photo pig_zps9524d58b.jpg

More soon!
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