September 24th, 2013

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Dallas Con 2013: I had some photo opps

So, ok, photo opps.

This year annkiri and I decided to take a picture with Mark Sheppard. Usually we just do pics with Jared and Jensen, but we both fangirl Mark madly, so we decided to break the mold. (The only other person we've ever done this for was once long ago with Jim Beaver.)

annkiri and I always spend a lot of time picking our clothes.'s our thing. This year we both wanted to wear neutrals and agonized over if it would be ok in the photos. We reasoned that since Mark always wears a black t-shirt, it would balance out ok. Then, he comes out for his panel and he's wearing a very neutral grey. AHHHHH! He did change into a black tee for the actual photo opp, but it was a wee moment of panic there for a bit!

Anyway, I can't remember if they were late or what the deal was, but they were rushing Mark's photos. And, since he won't do poses or perform on demand (Mark: No.) they go by even quicker than normal. But OMG. They rushed us up to him and I had the photo ticket in my hand, and was all panicky about what to do with it, and Becca was having posing drama and *click*

When that picture came back...ooooohhhh. You will just have to see it eventually. Becca has this weird robot arm-thing going on, and she's all wedged up against Mark in this weird way. I was mid-flail and have my hand spread wide in front of my own's not pretty. But it is hilarious. Some years this might have upset me, but we were in such a good space this year that we just laughed at it, and I honestly kind of love it.

The best part though is that if you cropped the pic at our waists? It's actually pretty dang good! What's that saying about ducks? Cool on top, but paddling like mad underneath? That was us!

OK, pics with Jared and Jensen.

I wore a t-shirt this year that said "My y'all is authentic." It was good for conversation, but photographed poorly. Alas. Lesson learned for next time!

Opps with Jensen always are first. I told him welcome home and he said thanks. We snuggled up and took the picture. Jensen looks gorgeous (of course), so I'm happy with it. I thanked him and he was polite and kind. Mom was watching, you know!

Our duo opp happened here, in-between, but I'm going to save that story for last.

For Jared, well. Most of you know by now that I turn into a brainless mute in front of him. I don't mean to! I have to stand in line and repeat what I want to say -- this is the only way for me to get anything out! This year I wanted to tell him congrats on the new baby. Which I did. But that means I forgot everything else like, I don't know, POSING. I love to do two-armed hugs with Jared (RIGHT??), but I didn't manage it this year. He pulled me close and I grinned big and *click*

Me: Thanks for being here Jared.
Jared: Thank you, babe.
Me: *brain shuts down*

And that was that. OMG. Such a gorgeous, kind man. This was my tweet afterwards: JARED IS JUST SO TALL AND BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME AND NICE AND AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Amen.

OK, duo opps. Oh man.

So, as previously mentioned, Jared makes me lose the ability to function. Every year annkiri and I share a duo photo opp. She basically pushes me at Jared while I gurgle like a moron, we pose, and everything works ok.


This year, I was wearing the funny t-shirt! So, I hurtle myself in Jared's general direction, and catch his eye. He reads my shirt, gives me that dimple-ey smile and asks where my y'all is from. I eloquently say, "Here!" He says, "Good girl!" which is pretty much the end of me. He pulls me close up to him, *click*, and I'm out.

As I'm walking out of the room, all of a sudden, I feel this wave of hot terror wash over me, literally like a bucket of liquid had been dumped on my head. THERE WERE OTHER PEOPLE IN THAT PICTURE.

Guys. I was so caught up in Jared that I pretty much completely forgot about Becca and Jensen's existence. OMG.

I sputtered an apology to annkiri who was pretty much like, "OH, I KNOW." Apparently Jensen was (jokingly) unamused at mine and Jared's shenanigans. He made some remark like, "Oh, well, I guess we'll just wait over here then!" Just...AHHHHH. I still flail thinking about it.

My brain always blacks out my photo opps, so I figured...ehhhh. I'm sure it was fine and I just don't remember.

WELL, IT WAS NOT FINE. This is, by far, the best and worst picture we've ever taken.

Jared and I are standing on the left, basically posing alone. He's all crouched down so as not to be three feet above me, which is nice, but I have no recollection of it. I also am legit doing a foot pop, just standing there. Then, waaaay on the other side of the pic is Becca and Jensen posing together. Becca has her arm out, trying to reach for me, but I clearly have no idea she exists on the planet. Jensen has this HILARIOUS look on his face like, "What the shit is happening here??"

It all just AMAZING. I can't wait to get these scanned in so I can show you. Becca and I literally laid on her bed that night and laughed until we were sick. I mean, tears, snot, belly aches, couldn't talk....the whole nine yards. I just can't even explain.

This picture goes down already as one of my top five con memories ever. I joked that I need to put it on a t-shirt so when I'm having a bad day, I can just look down and see it and laugh. BEST. EVER.

These boys. And fangirls. JOY! I'm so grateful for this experience (the con), in general, and this experience (hilarious photo opps), in specific. SPN Family, I have heart!eyes for you!
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