September 29th, 2013

Jensen Hands

side effects may vary

I had SUCH a good weekend! Friday I broke my sunglasses, but knew I couldn't drive four hours without them, so made an emergency trip to Target for a replacement pair. I spent $100 and then got back in the car to sunglasses! AHHH. Had to go back in to get them. And Starbucks.

Drove on to Austin where I had some yummie veggie food with annkiri, two of her friends, and her sister. Lovely. Then, they plied me to stay awake with Amy's ice cream. Then, I had to start re-reading Screw You, We're From Texas since it's set in Austin, and they go to Amy's among other places. Also, it already was on my Nook! SCORE.

All day Saturday, I was at the Austin Teen Book Festival. It was a BLAST. So much fun. I'll write more about this in detail later, but in the short term, just know that Sarah Dessen retweeted me. OMG! AHHHHHH.

annkiri and I met phaballa and Drew for dinner at Magnolia and it was delicious. Later, Becca and I went to Hyde Park for dessert, which turned out to be OMG SO GOOD. It was this very delicate peach cake served in a bowl of cream. I could eat one million more servings of it right now.

I promptly went to bed after that, and got up early this morning to drive home again. It was a very quick trip.

Once back at home, I picked up Max and attempted to eat some salad. But instead of enjoying my meal, the crown on my front tooth came completely off. It hurts so bad! *whine* I stuck my retainer on, as it completely covers my tooth, and that does keep the air off it, which helps. But how will I eat? Or brush my teeth? I already am starving, I have no idea how to get through until 8 a.m. I wish I had some ice cream, but I do not. And I will not be going out with this crownless front tooth, NOPE.