October 25th, 2013

Hold Onto Me

I'll be there for you

So, the other day I made a post about a negative situation I was dealing with at work, and how I wanted to use it to better myself. I received lots of support, and even though I'm still replying to comments, I appreciate all of it so much. One person mentioned that every time I talk about work, it's negative. They are not the first to say this. So, yesterday I made a post mentioning two awesome things that happened. One especially was a really unique experience.

Comments received? None.

And that's ok! I want to be crystal clear here: I AM NOT AIMING FOR COMMENTS.

But it started me thinking about how people, in general (myself oh-so-much included) are supportive during tough times, but not during good ones. We don't magically no longer need friends just because we had a good day. Doesn't it seem like it should even be EASIER to support people during awesome times than during tough ones? But it's not! Why? Silly quirk of human nature.

I know I do this in real life too. So, I am going to make a conscious effort to continue to be there for my friends during their challenging times. But I also want to be present during their happy times too! I want to high five them and hug them and say THAT'S AMAZING as often as I possibly can.

I want to celebrate relationships through happiness and positivity as well as during those times when the weight of the world is crushing. Yes, maybe support is more necessary during the downsides of life, maybe it means more to the receiver to know they aren't alone even when they feel most alone -- but they aren't alone when they're filled with joy, either.

And I want everyone I know to be certain of that -- starting right now.