October 28th, 2013

Heart You Complete Me

hey, I heard you were a wild one

Had a fabulous start to my birthday week! I spent the night at my parents. Max went with me, and behaved like an angel. He's now passed out asleep -- being adored is exhausting! I got presents and birthday cake and more food than any one person should consume in a week. I also got Jeopardy and Mom's popcorn and a spontaneous Target trip. It was just a very nice, very relaxed time.

Which is good because I work ten hours Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday. It's gonna be a tough week.

I need TV opinions. On my DVR, I have all the aired episodes or Master of Sex, Reign, and The Tomorrow People. Worth watching, or can I just delete? Thoughts?

What have you guys been up to this week/weekend?
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