November 2nd, 2013

Jared Dimples

love all the people that have warned you

Let's explore some things that happened:

1. We had 79 trick-or-treaters on Halloween! My mom started feeling sick so my parents went home and I turned out the lights -- or, I suspect we would have had even more. My favorite was this tiny girl, maybe barely two years old. She was dressed in full Snow White regalia. After getting her candy, her parents urged her to "do it!" and she full on curtsied. I died. AMAZING.

2. I made a tweet on my library account (@wendylibrarian) saying how much I like the Popularity Papers series. Tom Angleberger retweeted it and I sat there starstruck for a bit.

3. The next day I tweeted a pic of my Percy Jackson tattoo (fake, don't get excited) and Rick Riordan retweeted it. OMG! That's a bit like librarian royalty, and I suspect my 15 minutes of twitter fame were spent right there. WORTH IT. Just...seriously beyond words for me.

4. On my actual birthday, I had lunch with two of my best work buddies at Panera and it was sooo good. Just a really happy time, and a memory I want to hold for awhile.

5. @Tweetacoffee....what is this amazing, amazing madness? LOVE!!

6. Thomas and Gen's Halloween costumes. ♥_♥

7. Had a meeting I was dreading Friday morning. Held the Wincon keychain from Dallas in my hand through the whole thing. Kept me grounded. Worked like a charm!

8. Once again reminded of how the best attitude to have about things that are stressing me out doesn't really matter. Because you know what? It really doesn't.

9. I want to buy an electric kettle to boil water so I can have delicious tea all winter long, at work. So, I want something that is easy to use, cheap, and amazing. Any suggestions?

10. I have so much awesome fic to read, Iron Man 3, Pacific Rim, and the Bling Ring to watch, and no work until tomorrow. Other than folding some laundry, the entire rest of today will be spent relaxing. AHHHHH. Deliciousness.
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