November 13th, 2013

SPN: Sam Coffee

I love you simply, without problems or pride


First off, I have to explain that I have issues with killing things -- any thing. I avoid it whenever possible. Sometimes it has to happen, but when possible, I do not absorb that karma. Second, I live in the country and my house backs up to a big empty field. Two weeks ago they started doing construction in that field.

So anyway, last Thursday, I was sitting in the upstairs living room eating dinner, and a mouse ran across the floor, not two feet from Max. I tried to be in denial, but it ran across again. Decided I would have to address this. On Friday I called Metroguard and they came out Monday morning and put down poison. (They call it "bait," which is adorable.) This was a hard step for me, but necessary. He said they'd visited six houses in my subdivision in the past week. The construction and cold is driving the poor things indoors.

That night, I was again watching TV upstairs and the durn mouse ran through the room again. !!!! I knew poison had been put down, so I just ignored it. Then I heard a CLANG CLANG, looked over and the poor thing was trying to climb into Max's (metal) food bowl. ARGH! Unacceptable, but also heartbreaking. I jumped up, which scared it off. I haven't seen it since so I'm hopeful that's that. Blergh.


Went I went out at lunch yesterday, my car was dead. Called AAA and they came out super fast, checked everything out, diagnosed a dead battery, put in a new battery, and were gone in under 45 minutes. Brilliance. The guy was so nice. I'm going to write a thank you email, but haven't yet.

But apparently when your battery goes out completely, it triggers the anti-theft-whatever in my radio and you need an access code to use it ever again. SIGH. I don't have a code! Called the dealer this morning and they said it's on the inside of the glove box, which it was. Fixed. Done and done!


I don't leave for another 45 minutes, and then I only have to work six hours today, which is exciting. (This is because I worked ten yesterday, but shhh! Only six today!)


I've had three cups of tea, toast with cheese and avocado, and packed a snack for later. Mmmmm.

This quote:

“Someday, somewhere - anywhere, unfailingly, you'll find yourself, and that, and only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your life.”
― Pablo Neruda
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