November 30th, 2013

Coffee Jolly

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Had a really nice Thanksgiving. Max and I went to my parents house and he mostly behaved perfectly. (I do not ever feed dogs from the table, but my Dad does and so Max has developed a bad habit of aggressively begging while we're eating. We can't seem to break Dad of this though, he thinks it's cute. So, meh, whatever.)

We had delicious food, but in smaller amounts this year. Mom can only eat very small quantities anyway and Dad has been having gallbladder pain, so he can't have fat, and really I just want mashed potatoes, and SO. It was a weird meal, but also perfect.

Dad also figured out that all the old episodes of Frasier are streaming on Netflix now, so we literally watched for hours and laughed ourselves sick. SO FUN. Also, I took a nap in there somewhere, and Mom made popcorn and I forced them to read two super cute picture books I discovered. (Homer by Elisha Cooper and Tea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman)

Friday we got up and lazed around until Mom and I got bored and then we went to Target, which was fun. We had no agenda so could just wander and avoid the crowd. I had a crème brulee latte from Starbucks and it was DELICIOUS. Mom wants to get this Lego castle-thing for Drew for Christmas, but it was $100 at Target and $70 at Amazon, so I convinced her to let me order it. *smug* We also went to Trader Joes, which always is a good time.

Came home and ate odds and ends and watched more Frasier. I surfed online Black Friday sales and found some really awesome ones. My fave was the Philosophy bubble bath I bought for April was on sale for $10 at Sephora. I legit ordered new product and returned the stuff I'd already ordered. Saved about $20. YES! And I was able to get some Birchbox things I wanted at a price I finally was OK with paying. That stuff was for ME, so...DOUBLE SCORE!

Unrelated, I can't decide what to wish for at insmallpackages. Suggestions?

The family pics Jared and Gen have been posting lately are literally making me SWOON.

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