December 1st, 2013

J2 Love in His Hands

everything that kills me makes me feel alive

  • I really want to read some schmoopy, sexy J2 and can't seem to settle on anything. Suggestions? Old or new, doesn't matter, I'll take anything!

  • RELATED. What J2 fic do you wish existed, but doesn't?

  • In honor of World AIDS Day 2013 (Sunday, Dec. 1), Starbucks will make a 10 cent donation for every handcrafted beverage sold in participating U.S. and Canada stores. Starbucks donation will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, where 100 percent of the money is used to help finance HIV/AIDS programs in Africa.

  • My parents have a friend visiting from out of town. They're coming to pick me up after work and we're going to drive around downtown and look at lights and such and then have dinner at a nice restaurant. I am excited!

  • Fiiiinally caught up on SPN. The chastity episode was dumb, but Bad Boys was really good. Can we please have more like that? Well, more like that plus shirtless!Sam. That really would be a perfect episode.

  • Really wanted to do a Sunday recs list today but I am, predictably, out of time. Alas. Onward!
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