December 7th, 2013

J2 It's Cold Outside

we are all allowed to be who we are and not who they want us to be

So yesterday they closed the library due to bad weather and I scurried around doing productive household things and watching season two of Frasier. And then! They closed the library today too and I'm already awake (and stupidly got dressed and even put on makeup, WHY) and I'm not planning to do a darn thing that's productive.

Yesterday I was eating some leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and they were burning hot and, while I was trying to get to my water, I was doing that heavy breathing thing you do to cool off food already in your mouth (other people do this too, right??) and accidently SWALLOWED, and somehow got burning mashed potato down in my insides, and now every time I swallow something warm (like say, TEA) my chest hurts, and probably forty years from now I will die due to decreased lung capacity caused by burning mashed potatoes.


Also, while I was waiting for the official closing announcement to come through, I bought a lot of stuff online from Sephora. Whoops.

And now? Back into PJs. Then? Fic reading and TV watching until bedtime. Yaaaay for adult snow days! Come chat with me! Tell me everything on your mind!
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