December 9th, 2013

Coffee Mug In Both Hands

ice, ice baby

First of all, there were eight entries on my flist since last night. EIGHT! So, I challenge you (YES YOU) to post at least once today. Can be long or short. I'll prompt you if needed. Can be fandom related, or just tell me about your day. Post a pic. Anything. Doesn't matter. Just post!

Second, I need advice. How do you guys deal with insmallpackages comments? What I mean is...I've always just subscribed to the comments and waded through what doesn't apply. But this year, for various reasons, that's just not working for me. So, I was curious as to how others handled it. People seem to find their gifts with no trouble, so I know there has to be a method I'm missing!

We're closed again today for ice. Four days in a row. This is literally unprecedented. I'm hearing all the roads are clear this morning so we probably could have gone in. WHOOPS. I was scheduled to be off today anyway and have a haircut appointment at 2 p.m. We'll have to see if I feel brave enough to get out or not.

I still have forty (!!) Big Bang fics bookmarked to read, so I'm gonna go knock one of those out. Woot.

What are you reading right now? Fannish, or otherwise?

Also, what's your most favorite comfort food to make for yourself?
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Heart for You!

2013 in sentence at a time

This is one of my fave December traditions, it always is illuminating.

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This has been a challenging year. My job turned out quite different than I expected when I started it a year ago. I got rather bogged down in negativity. But, wincon reset my brain. Just being around people who only wanted good things was what I needed to be reminded that what happens at work is NOT my whole existence. And things have been much better since then.

I remain eternally grateful for all the amazing people livejournal and the internet have brought into my life. You are my joy.
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