October 28th, 2014

House Rules

I got paid then I was on the road in a heartbeat

This is going to be a crazy, crazy day -- half our staff is out for training and I'm covering both the youth center AND the teen center, and at one point -- I'm assigned to both at once. HAHA. Two places at one time, let's see what happens!

On the other hand, yesterday there was a situation with a terrible patron and a junior staffer and I BAM! handled it, no problem. And then two minutes later, I answered a difficult reference question off the top of my head. And so! I am feeling very capable at the moment. It's like I'm a REAL librarian!

On the other, other hand, I'm off to get my license renewed since it expires on my birthday and I have legit procrastinated it until this very minute. But! I found out yesterday you can virtually get in line while still at home, so that will be happening shortly. Also, I get free birthday Starbucks, which I will pick up after the license situation and before I head into work to handle ALL OF THE THINGS until very late tonight.